Gourmet Experience

Gourmet Experience

Perfect food and wine pairings...

Restaurant “Kaštel”

The Kaštel restaurant's menu draws on ingredients that retrace the history and culture of Zadar and its surrounding region.

From the cheese to the olive oil and wine, all the produce here stems from age-old tradition, imbued with pure, simple flavor you won't forget in a hurry.

We invite you to enjoy a unique, gourmet experience that takes you deep into the heart of forgotten family recipes from the Dalmatia region.

Working with ingredients sourced from the local market, the Chef whips up contemporary takes on classic dishes complete with exquisite wine pairings.


Working hours

Breakfast: 7am - 11am

Lunch and dinner: 11am - 11pm

Reservations: mailto:info(manki)hotel-bastion(tocka)hr, 023/494-950

A word from Chef

“Understanding the environment and identity of Dalmatian way of life is hidden behind every dish. My gourmet philosophy is inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

It is a cuisine steeped in a rich heritage but constantly reinterpreted to make it modern and creative. I am striving for the ideal food and wine pairing to create deep emotions.”

- Chef Marijo Čepek