The safety standard of the Bastion Hotel during the coronavirus epidemic

Dear guests, 

Protecting your safety and health, as well as our staff, are the main priorities of Hotel Bastion, and we have therefore introduced additional precautions to make your stay at Hotel Bastion as safe and comfortable as possible. 

As before the appearance of this threat that stopped the whole world, a high level of maintaining the hygiene of the space is extremely important to us, so we have introduced additional hygiene measures developed in accordance with global and local health authorities, and they include:    

  • hand sanitizers located at all entrances (entrance to the reception, restaurant, elevator, wellness and toilets)    
  • Increased disinfection of all rooms and surfaces that are frequently touched (handles, handrails, switches ...)    
  • the use of protective gloves and masks by our staff during direct interaction with guests (In addition to requiring staff to wear PPE and follow all trainings, posted instructions and guidelines provided by the company at all times, prior to each work day, staff will conduct a self-evaluation, review a checklist of symptoms and if any symptoms occur, will notify supervisor and will not come to work)
  • limited number of persons in the reception area in accordance with the measures of physical distance of 1.5 m.    
  • contactless payment if possible
  • multi-use and unnecessary items and amenities are removed from guest rooms
  • housekeeping does not enter rooms (touch or move personal belongings) during a stay, unless by special request (if possible)
  • all bed linens and loundry are (as usual) washed at a high temperature (90°C) in our own laundry room and dirty laundry is bagged/contained in room to eliminate excess contact while be transported.
  • the frequency of air filter replacement and HVAC system cleaning is increased to maximize fresh air exchange. (Degrease and cleaning of all parts with alkaline abrasive using pneumatic rotary brushes, followed by pressure flow of aerosol disinfectant working solution through the system. Active substance for disinfection: Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate (50%), (CAS No 51580-86-0))
  • Spa Zone (saunas, hot tub...) in our wellness is currently out of order. 

In order to respond to this pandemic as successfully and efficiently as possible and ensure the safety of your stay in our hotel at the highest possible level, we continuously follow the latest advice and recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) official website.

Thank you for your trust and remember - it might be stormy now but the rain doesn't last forever.

Hotel Bastion